Soulaca Bathroom TVs FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why can't I just install a regular television in my bathroom?

A: A regular television is designed for use in dry areas, such as your living room or bedroom. They are not waterproof. The rear of the television is vented to allow for cooling, however, these vents will also allow moisture and condensation to accumulate inside the television. This can be extremely hazardous, with risks to the television shorting and potentially causing an electrical malfunction or fire. The waterproof TV is a completely sealed design, engineered for use in wet areas. It is rated IP65 or higher and can withstand not only moisture, but also water from any direction.


Q: What is the difference between a waterproof TV and a weatherproof outdoor TV?

A: The waterproof televisions are designed for indoor use. They are a completely sealed design, rated IP65 or higher, and are capable of withstanding water from any direction. Outdoor weatherproof televisions are quite different, as they not only have to deal with water, but also sunlight and are exposed to the environment. For this reason they have a number of specific features: Built in cooling systems ensure that the TV does not overheat under the sun. Anti-reflective glass reduces glare caused by high ambient light. Powder coated to ensure long term survivability in the elements. High brightness LED TV panel so the screen can be easily viewed during the day. Anti-theft mounting hardware secures your investment from theft.


Q: What warranty do you provide?

A: Our standard warranty provides 24 months of cover.  Ask us for updated warranty and more information when you purchase your television.


Q: How easy are the products to install?

A: This depends on the television models and the installation method you are interested in. For the models that are designed to be installed and recessed into your wall. It therefore requires a cavity to be cut into your wall, with size of cavity depend on the size of television you purchase. It is recommended that power and input cables are made available adjacent to the cavity opening inside the cavity. This will give you a seamless looking installation. The on-wall mount method is like any normal flat panel television. They use VESA compliant mounting hardware and are therefore relatively simple to install.


Q: What type of inputs are available for most TV's?

A: Most televisions consist of one or more HDMI ports, USB ports, TV. We can make the inputs as required for the customized products.


Q: Do you supply waterproof remote controls with all your products?

A: Yes. All of the waterproof televisions come equipped with IP68 waterproof remote controls as standard (IP68 is a standard of ingression protection), and a mini mouse keyboard remote control is optionally equipped with extra charge.


Q: What is an IP rating?

A: Ingression Protection Ratings (IP Ratings), evaluate the performance of a particular products ability to keep out moisture or dust and other debris. IP ratings are made up of 2 digits. The first digit indicates the products ability to stop the ingression of dust. 0 being no protection, and 6 being the highest degree of dust protection (dust proof). The second digit indicates the products ability to stop the ingression of water. Again, 0 being no protection, with 8 being the highest degree of water protection (continuous immersion in water). As an example, the models IP65 rated means they are dust tight (6), and can take high pressure water from any direction.


Q: Are all televisions Full HD (1080p)?

A: This depends on the models. Please refer to the specifications.


Q: What other models are available in the your range?

A: Also available across our range are models which feature an in-built Wi-Fi enabled PC, this allows you to update your content remotely, from any location in real-time. These screens can also be fitted to become touch-screen models giving you complete touch-panel freedom when interacting with your content. They’re just like using a large tablet computer!


Q: Does the TV come with everything I need to install, power and control?

A: All of our Bathroom TVs come complete with relevant bracket and instructions (for installation), and accessories to power and control (power adapter and remote control).


Q: Can you install the bathroom TVs at the end of your bath or within a shower area?

A: All our bathroom TVs conform to IP65 or IP66 standard, they can be installed at the end of the bath, of which is the most popular installation location.


Q: Do you deliver worldwide?

A: Absolutely – we can ship all over the world, but delivery times do vary. We recommend you contact us before you order so we can give you a more accurate delivery date estimate.


Q: What voltage is required to power the TV?

A: To ensure that our waterproof TVs are safe for use in a wet environment, they come with a 12V power supply.


Q: Can you invoice by proforma for organizations that issue purchase order?

A: Yes. Please feel free to email purchase orders to us, and we can raise an order/invoice accordingly. Goods will then be dispatched after receipt of payment.


Q: Why are your bathroom TVs so cheap?

A: We manufacture and distribute our own product, we manage the complete supply-chain. This effectively allows you to benefit from factory-direct prices.


Q: Are your TVs fit for commercial and / or residential use?

A: SWI TVs are fit for both residential and commercial use.


Q: My TV is out of warranty, do you offer a repair service?

A: We do have an internal service department and are on hand to assist and support our customers with any repair works required in an affordable, effective and timely manner. Simply contact us for more information.


Q: Can I connect external speakers?

A: It depends on the models. For the models with the audio-out, they allow you to use either the internal speakers or use the audio-out facility to connect with external speakers of your choice. It is important to note that you can only use either the internal or external speakers and not in conjunction with one another. You can also customize the output ports when you place the orders.


Q: Are the speakers waterproof?

A: Yes. The speakers are waterproof. They are located inside the TV and with waterproof treated.